Fall of the Idols Ungodly Thirteen Lyrics

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After nightfall, they all gather on the hills above
To celebrate the wicked deeds they've done
Franticly they dance, as screams cut the air
Offering a sacrifice as their master sits there
Men trembling with fear before the Ungodly Thirteen
(Unable to imagine what they've seen)

As the dawn breaks their Sabbath is done
And dreaded witch finders catch each and every one
Soon the court will gather to condemn their heresy
Locked in for interrogation, torture and misery
Suffering endlessly but their spirits won't break
The verdict is given: "to be burned at the stake"

So they burn...

As their bodies die to Hell their souls ascend
When they face death none will weep nor repent
Boldly they all stand still till they hear the knell
Not to serve in heaven but to reign in Hell
All are trying to get by the Ungodly Thirteen

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