Zeke and the Popo Unrescued World Lyrics

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Carry his case

Leaving his place
Fearing his face

Can't buy the love

That has lost with no trace

Flowery days

Bloom with disgrace

Beauty aint nothing but a waste

She mounts the step

Down underground

Waltz till she's drowned

Dancing in sad sea

Without any beat

Pretentious wit

Her frozen feet

Testing the lack of her senses
Reject her childhood romances

Air is all sucked up by god

Now is the world unrescued?

Planting the seeds

Secrets to keep

Stories to tell

Cursing the birthday

Of life and himself

Refuse to loose
The love that I choose

There aint no guilt war in my bed

Whisper to you

When you were blue

Simple but true

Music still sorrow the risk continues

Hearing the blues

Promising muse

Ridding the evening

That's drifting

Burning in the swarm of sun beam

Waking one life after life

Now the world's unrescued
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