Bad Company Untie the Knot Lyrics

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Like a pair of open wings, you bind me,
To a world, I helped you build around me,
Our gilded cage has turned into a prison cell,
Like a dream when it dies becomes an empty shell.

Untie the knot, the hold over me
You got
Untie the knot, the hold over me
You got

Like a slave who's bound in chains, a broken man,
Like a pain no one could ever understand
That's the spark that lights the fire deep inside
As long as you ain't no blue
In my sky,


Set me free from these chains,
The time has come to
Rearrange our destiny

Untie the knot, the knot,
Untie the knot, untie, untie, set me free, set me free.

Written by: Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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