H8Machine Us Against the World Lyrics

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A constant struggle
To live my own life
A never-ending pain
A never-ending strife
I do what I can to bring a better tomorrow
But despite all my efforts I'm left with
Emptiness and sorrow... but still I keep fighting

Still I will fight and still I will die
A never-ending flame will burn no matter what they try
You are the same no matter what they do
You will continue to fight till they're finally through...


And so you're standing
Your back's up against the wall
You know I'll be there
To catch you when you fall

I got your back you got my back
It's one for all
And it's blood for blood
And it's us against the world

Brothers in Europe
Brothers all around
Un unstoppable force
They will never keep down
Throw it at us we'll
Throw it back even harder
You may think you're smart
But we're even smarter
Street sense has an edge
Over political tools
Like a building that falls
We'll smash all your tools
I'm standing here
No matter what they do
You'll be here for me
And I'll be there for you


But still today we keep fighting
Despite the things they've been trying
More and more they try and silence me
Yet the fight will continue to be
They're scared to face the facts
And the things that we know
Fear burns in their eyes and they know
That what we have they will never fucking know

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