Calvin Russell Valley Far Below Lyrics

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It wasn't long before I knew
There must be something more
Than livin' life under the sun
And always keeping score
So I looked outs on that mountain
Of things I didn't know
But I knew I would have to cross
That valley far below

If I knew then what I know now
I would have stayed behind
More questions than are numbered
Numbed my soul and mind
But still my heart keeps yearnin'
To guide the way to go and
It's always leading downward thru
The valley far below

I didn't know enough to hear
The warnin' on the way
Lost followers returnin'
And the little things they'd say
But now their words return to me
When nights are passing slow
And all too clear they say beware
That valley so far below

But by then it was too late
And I couldn't find an out
And I could tell I knew
too well what this was all about
And the walkin' dead and dyin' know
More than I can know
But no one knows the way out
Of this valley far below

Now I ride a timeless sunset
Waiting for the end
A way back home,
Some things I've known
A familiar face or friend
Experience and companions
Warn me not to go
Though I'm lost I still must cross
That valley so far below
So far below

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