Radiator Hospital Venus of the Avenue Lyrics

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I guess you didn’t think we would notice your pretty eyes staring us down. Your love washes over us in waves. Mikey and Jon, sitting at the piano, sing, “You’re the talk of the town!” Your love is swimming through all of our days. You’re the Venus of the avenue, and all the boys think they’re in love with you. Your subtle sway alone in the moonlight, the story of Everything. There’s magic and fireworks in the air. We didn’t think that you could find us just from the songs that we sing. We’re terrified but we don’t care

Torch Song Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Leather & Lace
  • 2 Blue Gown
  • 3 Cut Your Bangs
  • 4 The Eye
  • 5 181935
  • 6 Venus of the Avenue
  • 7 Five & Dime
  • 8 Fireworks
  • 9 Bedtime Story
  • 10 I'm All Right
  • 11 Honeymoon Phase
  • 12 Sleeping House
  • 13 Just May Be the One
  • 14 Fireworks (reprise)
  • 15 Midnight Nothing
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