Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich Verbal Massage Lyrics

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[ VERSE 1 ]
What could it be, y'all, massage oriental?
[Ang]-Fu-Young rhymin over instrumentals?
Never paid for ass, sent the geisha to the gogo
Verbs drop solid, stimmulate ya like a porno
I hit the mental on the [ ] rental
Used to stroke skins, to the [fredricks] I'll be gentle
Many tried the technique, gettin with the ill speak
Lyrically correct, even when I take a leak
So I zip my zipper, it's one for the gipper
Daily routine for the malt liquor sipper
So, how, did you get the verbals?
Mr. Prime Minister who used to give the herbals
Born, yes I'm born, you could say genetical
When it comes to concepts, you could say my head's full
Focus on the surface, not the shades of epidermes
Verbals from the Prime and Daddy Rich'll get you nervous

[ VERSE 2 ]
Blind man bluffin, mr. puffy puffin
The extra-strength lyrical soothin like a bufferin
I huff and I puff, and I blow you out the box, and
While the non-believers be the first people jockin
I climb and I climb up the incline, I push
I rhyme and I rhyme, then I push in the bush
Versatile like a ginzu, gentle like a Hindu
Foes try the suicide, jumpin out the window
Life's a bitch, but you can change the channel
What's a ball player if he ain't got a handle?
Verbs flow over the beats by the Nuts, and
If you got nothin, then your verbs'll get you somethin

[ VERSE 3 ]
I'm the verbal masseuse, quick to knock the boots
Came to shed light on the doubt with some proof
I go conjunction, junctions with the function
[Ain't the two-bit] with the Jerry Kooney-punch, and
1 to the 2, and the 3, and you're stuck up
Honest Abe Lincoln, and I ain't the type to suck up
To the hip-hop, drop a verse on the drum kit
Bring it to the Def Jam, and then release the fat shit
Figure I'm bigger, you better pull the trigger
I [ ] ya, and then I leave ya with the gravedigger
Then you might see me soup you up like a wanton
I soak up the knowledge, soak it up like a tampon
Original flavor b.c. Fred and Wilma
Cause yo, I drop my shit like the Long Don Silver
I stagger, the track is movin similar to turtles
It's fertile, I let loose the verbals
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