Halloween Victims of the Night Lyrics

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"Sometimes the music business and being on the road can suck the
Life out of you. It's a double edge sword. It's a life you sometimes
Hate to love and love to hate. But you wouldn't trade it for anything
The fans keep you going."
Can you feel the fire in my veins, there's hunger in my heart
There's a raging battle in my mind, it's almost torn apart
I've got no hesitations, I'd do it all again
This is the life I've chosen, we love to feel the pain of the night
It's time to rock once more, we're victims of the night
On a deadly metal tour
So this is what you wanted, I'm screaming out for you
I love the way you look at me, you know I want you too
The life I lead could break me, could take me under
I know you're out there waiting, for the thunder of the night
And like the thunders roar, we're victims of the night
Coming through your door...(and here we come!!)
Do you know what I'm feeling, does anyone really care
My open wounds are bleeding, for all of you who stare
So now I've come to scare you, tease you, make you need
Feel my empty heart beat, a man destroyed by greed
A victim of the night...
And who knows what's in store, for victims of the night
And I can't take no more...No!
We are victims...we are victims...of the...night

Victims of the Night Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Welcome
  • 3 Victims of the Night
  • 4 No Place
  • 5 Rest in Peace
  • 6 Candy Caine
  • 7 Nightmares
  • 8 Angel
  • 9 Love 'em and Loose 'em
  • 10 Children of the Witches
  • 11 Revelations 23:1 (The Dream)
  • 12 Halloween Night
  • Artists A to Z: