E-Craft Violent Freaks 2007 Lyrics

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Deep, concealed
Crimes demoralize
Carry urge to excess
Present sacrificed
Push the progress!
Amend human device!
Poke the low-brows!

Strange sensation
At machine site
Surging fascination
Sientist´s heaven light
High expectations
Process failed
Unlike to creation
Heaven's light paled

They thought they had a control
Excluded all mistakes
Now they pay for their arrogance
And for a New World's sake
Findings of the search
For a new paradise
Humans on Earth
Are just billions of little mites

Isolated creatures
Blind protean rage
Anguish enters stage
Cream of former ages
Crushed by better freaks
Violent evolution
Pillories the weaks

Isolated creatures
Red colored biosphere
Last weak scientists
Not more than a cur

Racing reproduction
Prevent beings worth
Need for expansion
Dismantles us from Earth
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