Sage Francis Viva La Vinyl Lyrics

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I love hearing vinyl static on timeless classics
I sit back and kick my feet up until my mind relaxes
Time passes slow like it was pitched down
The globe spins on its axis but the needle never skips town
'Cause I clean it
I take proper care of my LPs
But every single spin brings the groove closer to its knees
It's normal everyday wear and tear
Takes an especially professional ear to hear it
But from year to year
You notice subtle differences from multiple listens
It's upsetting 'cause you wanted to have something to hand down to the children
Sure, you could convert it all to mp3
And it probably already exists digitally--that's not your history
In fact, it lacks the full experience
We built bulldozers and smashed the magic out of the pyramids
Kids don't understand, they're laughing when you're serious
You just shrug your shoulders, and admit how silly it is
Somewhere in a grandma's attic, there's a little brat
Who stumbles upon a phonograph, perfectly intact
He uses a sheet of paper to make a makeshift slipmat
Now a collection of well-preserved 45s are getting scratched

(Who buys vinyl? I mean, it's cool.)

Viva la vinyl

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