Jacuzzi Boys Vizcaya Lyrics

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Palms on the side, oh, the time's going so slow
Sun's burning bright, watching all of the people go by
Train[?] in the side, gotta do it all again at night

Hello, living so far away
Viva, Vizcaya today

Waiting on the man, gotta go to the Key and dance
Sun burning bright, it's a blast to be by the sand
There's no place in the world where I'd rather be
Standing right here with my friends hanging in the beach

Hello, living so far away
Viva, Vizcaya today

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Oh, Vizcaya away

Hello, living so far away
I know where I could be
Viva, Vizcaya today
Viva, Vizcaya away

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  • 3 Glazin’
  • 4 Cool Vapors
  • 5 Libras and Zebras
  • 6 Crush
  • 7 Silver Sphere (Death Dream)
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