Funeral for a Friend Vultures Lyrics

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There’s a point to make
That sometimes goes unheard
Like the blood in your veins
You often forget

What we are is a species on the brink
Who’ll be left to pick our bones clean

And the vultures swarm high above
Ready to feed off the last of us
So carve me up and hold me down
I’m not done speaking my mind

Sacrificial lambs
Lead to the slaughter
We eat the shit
They feed us everyday

When there’s one great idea amongst the rest
They try their best to put it back in its place


They said it wouldn’t hurt one bit
When they brought us to the brink
They said it wouldn’t hurt one bit
Extinction, it’s on our minds


Extinction, extinction, extinction, extinction

The Young and Defenceless Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Serpents in Solitude
  • 2 Vultures
  • 3 Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don't
  • 4 Sixteen
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