Frostmoon Eclipse Waiting for the Storm Lyrics

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[Gionata June '02]

Strangled - By the strength of your poison made man
Tortured - By the absence of air consumed by everybody else
Tormented - By an ancient plan of gaining s___e
Crucified - By the idea of man you can't understand....

...waiting for the storm

It's time to put an end
To love and happiness
Present is so cruel
A retribution of madness
Marching on the storm
Going ahead without piety
Freedom is hunting me
In this blackest cloudy sky

Leave your mortal life behind...
Drown yourself in a world... of nothingness... entwined.

Possessed - By torments of past memories
Devoured - By an hunger of centuries ago
Explosion - Is the sound of chains broken
Infection - Is the living hate through my veins

I am what you can't control
I am fire in its purest form
I am built with the sound of anger
I am what you can't complain
I am water blue and drained
I am built with the spine of horror

...waiting for the storm

Disease in spiral downwards
What I felt in that moment in time
Marching upon an altar, made of flesh and bones
An abyss of fury, instead an age of reason
I'm getting my freedom back, paying with your sun...

I'm getting my freedom back... Paying with your sun...

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