Stacey Earle Waiting Lyrics

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I've been waiting here for you
I left the porch light burning for you
In the vase are flowers for you
The candles in the dining room were blown out at two
The clock on the wall, quarter till four
I'm still waiting for you to walk through the door

Time and time again I wonder when you're gonna wake up
I am running outta time here so make up or break up
My heart is (1. tired) (2. through) waiting
You can't keep me waiting

In the lock you turn the key
You walk right by sayin' nothin' to me
And here I am, a sight to see
And all for you, I can't believe
The sun's come up, you're sleeping sound
But baby your cradle's about to come down


The clock on the wall, a quarter till four
No more waiting, I'm closing the door

Written by: Stacey Earle

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