Pagan’s Mind Walk Away in Silence Lyrics

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[Verse 1 ]
Mystic ways of our times
On the path to paradise
And there lines behind those lies
The inquisition
Charging with power to pretend
Share our visions to the end
To be seen in different lives
And to stay alive

Raise me up from stormy seas
(A dark deception)
Chasing winds I see it clear
(Save us, save us)

Walk Away In Silence
Taking all the different stages
Walk Away In Silence
See the light in all their faces

[Verse 2]
Codes of warning, clarify
Accusation of belief
For it's more than meets the eye
The twilight section
Watching horizons come to an end
Spreading venom though the land
The invasion of our kind
Time to say goodbye

Lifting visions of my dream
Time to be revealed
Stronger now as we believe
(Save us, save us)


Seems like it's real, but it's not so we ride this dream
Save us from falling down!


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