Ray Price Walk Me to the Door Lyrics

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Walk me to the door and hold me close just one more time
Kiss me just once more the way you did when you were mine
The longest walk I'll ever take will be across the floor
That's why I'm asking one last favor walk me to the door
I love another won't you let me be these are the words that you said to me
How can I go through life without you like it was before
When I can even make it to the door
Walk me to the door

I promise I won't try to make commands I know I don't deserve you back again
My trembling lips are begging now they never did before
Just one more favor walk me to the door
Walk me to the door
Burning Memories Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 8 You Took Her Off My Hands (Now Please Take Her Off My Mind)
  • 9 A Thing Called Sadness
  • 10 Walk Me To The Door
  • 11 That's All That Matters
  • 12 Let Me Talk To You

  • Written by: Conway Twitty
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