Palma Violets Walking Home Lyrics

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There's nothing for me anymore
I'm walking home
My baby's got a new man
I'm walking home
I don't want to drink or score
I'm walking home
I don't even like it here man
I'm walking home

And when the nights come in
And they're all running, red to green
And all the days come out
And all the night turn, red to green

Oh no it's Lisa, please tell her, I love her
(You better believe it)

I know I had too much to drink
They're walking me home
They beat me up until I'm blue and pink
And I'm crawling home
I just don't know how much I can take
They just squeeze it all
And I just want Lauretta's hand taking me home

When the nights go in
And all the red turns from red to green
And all the nights come out
And they'll running dry, in and out
And I feel it come down, oh so far
And you don't know how much it takes out

(Better believe it, believe in yourself)
(Better believe it, believe in yourself)

He's walking home
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