Umphrey’s McGee Walletsworth Lyrics

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Tobias sleeps on a floor he made,
From stealing in and out of other peoples names,
He never read all the formula,
And the feeling alone could never be enough,
He couldn't even begin to impress himself,
Enough to slow down and see a mattress,
would've been a better deal
It could've been a mistaken case,
He couldn't lie through another face,
He wouldn't try to have been replaced it seems,
Unmoving cold he'll attempt to go,
He never had something that could grow,
He feels his best with his bruises left unseen
And in the end he won't open up,
We'll never know if he tried enough,
He said he'd stay for another day or two,
Despite his place he can't ask for more,
He can't recall what he had before,
When all the while he can fake a smile on cue
Would you be my (be my) only address
I can only offer a walletsworth...
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