UB40 War Poem Lyrics

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Silence falls on no-mans land
To echo on uncertain footsteps
Sharp of iron quick of hand
Advancing forward to regrets
Under foot the and mortars
Slip away the codes of warnings
From the top the barking orders
Light the sky and leave that morning

Seek asylum from the terror
Reaching out for what its worth
Shelter from the raging anger
Raining down on bitter worlds

Those the people all whose hurting
Getting lost between the lines
Its the stuff that keeps returning
Laughing lound in victors lies
Up above on winds declaring
Soon the cold will whistle through
Push aside the warm sea air
That fills the sails that carry you

Many miles are put between oh
What once was and what will be
Sleep all night and dream sweet dreams
Step inside to history
Every whisper sings resistance
All emotions hide inside
Refugee looks to the distance
Out there somewhere lies his pride


Written by: Ali Campbell, Brian Travers, Earl Falconer, Jim Brown, Michael Virtue, Norman Hassan, Robin Campbell, Terrence Oswald Wilson
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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