Saafir feat. Kam Watch How Daddy Ball Lyrics

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Can I talk to why'all for a minute
See the game has become a lil twisted
See you gotta cat like me imma east coast playa
Str8 from up state
Then you got my man Cam he a west coast playa
Then you got my homey he a westsiiiiderrr!!
And we get down like dis

You See I'm standing strong
But still don't want to break no bread
Now why'all gonna think I'm wrong when I start going up side your head
Str8 left you for dead
And that's the reason why
I still be riding on these *****z like giddyup horsey ride
I'm on the wind on my saddle
Bout to herd up some cattle
Cut the head of a snake and save the rattle
You willing to battle
Partna but you fail to see you losing the war
I stand up for what I believe in not leaving enough to score
Bet to show that why'all can't ignore my rep for making people shout
Whether popping they *** on stage..or socking they *** on out
I'm like Luke on this money..Dont stop!
Get it Get it..down south they bout it! bout it!
But out west we Widdit Widdit
If you fools admit it
Maybe you wouldn't be on the ground
And everything would be OK I wouldn't have to lay you you down
why'all haters ain't doing me no harm I'm still rich
Just like Old Macdonald on his farm.bia bia ittch!

*****z be hating me constantly plotting downfall
But I ain't scared of none of why'all
Watch how daddy ball
"I ain't scared of none of why'all watch how daddy ball" too short (3X)

Now watch how daddy ball on all of why'all
While why'all plotting for my downfall
Always gotta watch my back around why'all
When I touch the turf, everybody slow down
**** is getting worse, 'cause ain't no money in the town
For what its worth, I have to give my hustle a rebirth
Research another circuit, so I can really work it
I'm sick of sending ripples down the stream of ounces
In order to triple my scratch on the scheme of things I'm bouncing'
Outta town to get mined **** these mousetraps
*****z fighting over cheese like rats
My whole family is against me, pullin out gats, what type of **** is that?
You got me strapped with a tight grip,
when I'm around fools they tight lipped
But want to jaw jack me to death around a tight *****
I know the script but while you stuck on some town ****
I be ballin nationwide bound *****!

[Chorus (3X)]
One year later with from inflated plan
Just me and my man, touching back down in the town
But in the background, wishing into whispering
He's back! With all the scratch and all the contact
Now what why'all lack contracts mackin the gats (I got that)?
See I'm mobbing with a permanent plan, you say he came up quick (damn)
While you still on the corner standing in quick sand
You think you know what time it is, but your hourglass
Let the hour pass right by you
Why fool? You should have taken more than an hourglass in high school
Instead of snorting dog coughing wit your tweaking ***
I speak fast, stick a move in and out
Now I'm the man with all the clout
Nothing but big ****, mobbing in big *** whips
Own big ships, floating on big battle ships
**** a yacht,I'm trynna own a block like the Jewish
Watch how daddy ball this year Saafir knew it!

Imma tell why'all one more time..listen!
[Chorus (3X)]
(fades)You can't get can't get my crew
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