Four Year Strong We All Float Down Here Lyrics

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Peel your skin back to show what you're made of
Too bad you never did have the guts to know
where your heart should go

Sit back and twiddle your fingers
Hope that no one else figures out the way that you play the game

Starved for attention that alone wouldn't you fill up
So you feed on the weak and you drink up their blood,
but someday they'll turn on you

I'll watch the world go up in flames
I'll strike the match to help you do the same
The time is now, tick tock, its ticking away
So now I'm here to rain on your parade

Take a look in the mirror
"Who's that"?
Someone in fear of running out of good places to hide

Crawl out from the dark
Feel the light hit your face
It will never be as bright as the spotlight you crave
But watch out before it burns you Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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