Saccharine Trust We Became Snakes Lyrics

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one night
in the garden
behind a burning bush
we hid from God
we became snakes
slimy wicked
sliding upon one another
hissing the secrets
of virtue and worship
joyful earthly godliness

we became snakes
smooth subtle
poisoned with knowledge
of good and evil
we became snakes
keen swift
cursed with perceptions
of upright conversions
we became precious
we became precious
we became precious
we became precious
in Hell this is not allowed
in Heaven this is not desired
so let's ooww yeah right now
let's oww yeah right now
let's h-i-s-s-s-s
you're looking up and I'm below you
and I will crawl around you
until I find an opening

wanting, wishing, longing, needing, hoping,
wanting, wishing, longing
to be precious
We Became Snakes Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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