Cadence Weapon We Move Away Lyrics

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Jered Stuffco came to my show||
It was Sunday, that's nice of him||
That boy lives in Toronto||
He now goes to Ryerson||
That's his life, we're proud of him||
Changes to administer||
Vulture Voltaire hates city cops||
I just think they're sinister||
Reid moved west cause he lost his girl||
It seems a lot less like coincidence||
Jon goes to Van, his house destroyed||
He makes good on a friend's influence||
They build a condo there as we speak||
Simple mathematics, simple mathematic||
We go up and we go out||
It'll take a few hours on the mass transit||
Hilary picked up, Ben Good is my friend||
She's been so close to many of them||
Don't think big, I been disciplined||
It's got more people but the city is thin||
A couple rock kids ask about the scene||
There won't be one if you aren't around||
Cam fell in love, then Eme shipped out||
Cause at the cool shows, they don't wanna get down||

[Chorus x4]
I wonder why we move away
I wonder, I wonder
Friends talk shit, what's keeping you here||
Got a brand new beat, I soaked it in beer||
The missing chromosome is the last record dropped||
You fucks shit talk without doing homework||
I'm getting kinda tired of defending myself||
So I'll stop right now, see, look at me||
We got a forest in the middle of the town||
I've lived enough places to know what I see||
East Hastings will destroy you||
And Montreal scene is the cool thing up||
But if I hear the question in another interview||
You might be the very first one I fuck up||
U Haul trucks that you haul up||
Drive away the friends I knew||
Move away cause they expect it||
Move cause they'll ask you to||

[Chorus x4]

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