Abarax Whale Massacre Lyrics

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"Our blood is shed, the poor not fed.
The blind don't see, what you do to me.
You waste and want, you kill for joy.
Worthless with no need - your one and every deed.
No sense for matters that really count.
No rights no wrongs that do amount into a human being.
The massacre is what you are seeing"
Please spare the whale,
He must live on to tell this tale.
Do not destroy what gave you life and joy,
Don't throw it all away.

The seas turn red as the waters touch the horizon.
We have risen from the deep to the light that we were shown.
A vived spot of brightness to us much unknown.
Called up to the surface for to be shown.
Nothing was quite the same or will ever be again.
Chances were not in play - not at night, not at day.
Nothing more we could do to take these bad ways out of you.
That's no way to please the savior with your very bad behavior.
The seed of life - you've destroyed.
To kill the whale - you've enjoyed.
The Massacre - it will return
And in hell - you'll all burn.
We are the seed of life, the s**** of all creation,
Of every single colour and of every single nation.
Through us you came to be, your eyes began to see.
In time you left the water and did things you shouldn't ought to.
Free in mind and dealing your choices you were to take.
We gave you all the goodness but then you made the mistake.
You're not the only creature top of the scale.
You're not worth any more than a tree or a whale.
Nature returns with the light of the sun,
But your lives end before they've begun.
Crying of the Whales Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Crying of the Whales, Part I
  • 2 Journeys End
  • 3 Whale Massacre
  • 4 Part of Evolution
  • 5 Natures Voice
  • 6 Point of No Return
  • 7 All These Walls
  • 8 Crying of the Whales, Part II
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