Ice Nine Kills What I Really Learned in Study Hall Lyrics

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Waking up right next to you Is the last thing that I want to do Knowing you dont care Cause youre spineless and too much to take And my kindness was a big mistake It gets me nowhere And Ive been reading through your letters Hoping that youd never make up your mind And I wish I was a boy again Where I could still pretend you were mine Im drinking too much these days it never seems to help Cause you say Ill never change And that Im the only one who I care about when you say That youre leaving and youre ready to go Cause you thought I was cheating But I dont think you want to know Well I think that things are better this way When it seems like youre breathing But youre already dead to me Making up my mind on you Is something I wish I could do But youre so damn thoughtless and Im not going to lose To any of these games you play Cause no one likes you anyway Youre just a faceless name So what will you say When I tell you that your lifes like a book Its torn and tattered sitting on a shelf Where no one wants to
look And it seems That this is what we want As your face begins to haunt my memories And seep into my future dreams Where no one can hear you scream (Thanks to Emily for these lyrics)

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