Mysonne What If Lyrics

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What if pac was alive?
What if big ain't die?
Would job been big, or jigga be that guy?
Would puffy sign sean when he heard him rhyme?
Could all of them have shined at the same time?
What if whitney, never got with bobby?
You think she still would have put them drugs
Inside of her body
What if obama wasn't black
Would he ever been a president?
If Gucci mane done catch a body, would he still be relevant
What if we never seen r Kelly upon that tape?
We'd be the greatest who ever did it, up to this day?
What if customado ain't die when he did?
Would mike Tyson be the greatest champ who ever lived?
What if Aaliyah never took that flight?
What if paki out would have ducked that right?
What if chris brown never hit rihanna?
Would they still be as hot without all of the drama
What if we had stiffer laws on guns?
Would the people in conneticut have lost they sons
And they daughters?
The thought of it brings me to tears
What if martin king would still be here?
Would he say the dream came true,
Or did he say we divided
It's like when we had less, we were more united
What if there was no money and, we were all equal
And character was the only way to judge all people
Would stars still be stars?
Without all the cars,
With the mirage disappear and let you see all the frauds
What if LeBron stayed in Cleveland and brought home that ring
Would the whole world love him and call him the king?
Or would people still find, a reason to hate
Some choice and decisions ain't easy to make
What if I never want to jail and never did that 7
Would I make classic albums, would I be a legend?
I could go on, but some things you gotta let em go
I could what if forever, but some things you never know.

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