Fabolous feat. Lil’ Mo What Should I Do Lyrics

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Does anyone care? (anyone care)
Please, tell me
I'm alone and scared (alone and scared)
Please, help me
What should I do? (What should I do?)
What should I do? (What should I do?)
What should I do?
Please, tell me
Please, tell me

Dear Fab
I wrote this letter in confidence you will read it
I succeeded getting my college education completed
Smart girl, not conceited, but used to being treated any way
But anyway, your advice is needed
I'm twenty-two years old with a beautiful daughter
By a dead beat who wouldn't give a quarter to support her
My money was gettin' low, and my patience was getting shorter
Heard about his new girlfriend and all the **** he bought her
So I caught, fought her, heard she had restraining orders
I still grabbed her pony tail and held her under water
So right now I'm sorta locked up for manslaughter
Missing every minute I can't spend with my daughter


I know you hold profession as a lyricist
But you probably never had depression as severe as this
Your music - it's like a session with a therapist
I asked the Lord to send me any blessin' if he's hearin' this
I'm stressin' somethin' serious, pressin' on delirious
A smart man always asks questions if he's curious
I believe in God, but I don't understand his plan
Why send a Spanish man way up to Afghanistan?
Hand this man a rifle, suit me up in camouflage
I salute the hand of Sarge; he is not a man in charge
I'm fightin' this war, don't know who I'm fightin' it for
Might be goin' AWOL any day, y'all


Dear Fabolous
I'm such a fan, I don't have much demands
But I'm really hopin' that you will keep in touch with fans
'Cause see, I know you're probably busy kickin'
With one of them pretty girls from on television shaking it
My vision ain't mistaken, I can see you wasn't faking
So I hope that you can help me with some good decision making
I've been thinkin' lot, so much I haven't slept in days
My mother and father about to go they separate ways
I'm a teen in the cross of a painful divorce
I love my mom, and she thinks I'm an angel, of course
I love my dad, too; I feel tangled and lost
Who's side should I be on?
Your friend, Deon


Yeah, this song is dedicated to anyone who find they self in a place where they need some advice
You may not always find that person in the physical form, but there's someone you can trust in
Who listens when everybody's ears are shut, who sees when everybody's eyes are closed
Who speaks when everybody's voice is silent
Put your faith in god; the man will take you from there

'Cause not a day goes by that I don't wonder why, and what should I do?

What should I do?

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