Idle Cure Whats Your Point of View? Lyrics

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The headset's on, Turn it up strong
Looking for somthing better
You act like nothings wrong
It's no surprise when I look in your eyes
There's no conviction, just a new disguise
Round and Round
When you stand up, you fall back down
Round and Round
Tou've been living in gray, come on!

It's hard to hear you through
Every other day it's something new
Here we go again
What's your point of view?
You're back back and forth, insode out
Let me tell you what God's about
Here we go again
What's your point of view?
You've been down this road before
You're looking for something more
One day this is it
The next you're out the door
Your truth is hard to see
Can you spill it out for me
One thing's for certain
It's whatever you want it to be
<Bridge> - (Chorus)

You won't get far when you play the game
You can change colors, you can take another name
You won't get nowhere, It'll take you nowhere
What's your point of view?
Tell me what you're going to do?
What's your point of view?


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