When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246When-I-Look-In-Your-Eyes-lyrics-Diana-Krall/86A00025549ABF9F482569590003B246 Diana Krall Lyrics

Diana Krall Lyrics

When I look in your eyes, I see the wisdom of the world in your eyes
I see the sadness of a thousand goodbyes
When I look in your eyes

And it is no surprise, to see the softness of the moon in your eyes
The gentle sparkle of the stars in your eyes
When I look in your eyes

In your eyes, I see the deepness of the sea
I see the deepness of the love
The love I feel you feel for me

Autumn comes, summer dies
I see the passing of the years in your eyes
And when we part there will be no tears no goodbyes
I'll just look into your eyes

Those eyes, so wise
So warm, so real
How I love the world, your eyes reveal

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