Cledus T. Judd Where's Your Mommy? Lyrics

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Well I'm sittin' here rockin' our cute little baby
Tell me why won't you just stop cryin'
My little souvenir from Dolly Wood last Valentines

Yeah I burped ya twice, sounded good
Everything a father should
Read Barney and nursery rhymes
I guess your mama needs a girls night out every once in a while

I put on a brand new dipper baby
Don't you wet it
Everything was goin' just fine 'till she
Threw up on me
When I fed it

Where's you mommy
I'm goin' crazy
Call up a buddy
I need a friend
'Cause I'm a new dad who don't know what do to
When a tummy starts to rumblin'

Your dippers droopin'
You won't stop poopin'
Now I 'bout stood all I can stand
Where's you mommy little baby
You got a dummy for a dad

Well your still up past your bed time baby
Ain't ya? Now I 'bout had it
I never knew what your mama went through
But I do now and I know
I'm no good at it

Where's your mommy
I'm goin' crazy
How'd you get muddy?
Where have you been
It's that dang doggy door
That you keep crawlin' through
I'll have to nail that thing shut again

You sure are screamin'
You must be teethin'
I warmed you bottle
I burned my hand
Where's you mommy little baby
You got a dummy for a dad

Here comes your mommy little baby
And your daddy sure is glad

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