Derdian Where I Can Fly Lyrics

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<b>Where I Can Fly</b> by <i>Derdian</i>ehind the stars I can see all my life

Time disappears and leaves this lonely night

I'll stay with you to see our first sunrise

So I can feel the sadness inside your eyes

I feel paralyzed

When the moon reflects your smile

Keep the flame alive

Inside my heart

Under the sun I close my eyes

Under the shadows of my crimes

I'll stay with you, loren, forever

Open your heart open your mind

Don't let me hide, behind your life

Into this world, into this heaven

Where I can fly

I've lost myself to find another way

Out of my shell there is a lot of pain

I can't forget memories of yesterday

Only time can take it all away

Waiting for a new day

Now I've found my only way

Let me see your reign

Lady of my heart


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