Pain of Salvation Where It Hurts Lyrics

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Tell me where it hurts, so I can reach the pain.
Tell me where it hurts.
Just pump it through my vein.
Be brave and tell me where it hurts.

There's something deep inside that you don't want to show.
There's something that you hide, cause you're afraid I'll go.
But no. Tell me where it hurts.
You tell me not to go.
(tell me where it hurts)

Say you want to be my holy grail.
And your skin is white like fallen snow.
I don't want to leave my marks.
But if I do, are you brave enough
to let me through to touch you where it hurts?
I'll touch you where it hurts.
And you can touch me.
Come on and touch me where it hurts.

Everyone I know seem to be broken inside.
Everybody hurting just from being alive.
Touch me where it hurts.
Come touch me where it hurts.

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