Life of Agony Whispers Lyrics

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You probably heard all about it
You probably heard every word
It didn't take long for them to spread it
It didn't take long to spread the word

You can whisper if you want to
You can call me shat you will
You can cower in your corner
Or you can say it to my grill

Smiles come from the fake ones
They'll pretend to be your friend
They'll cut you down just to have fun
Then kiss your *** to make amends

And I wish I may and I wish I might

You never know who really starts it
You never know who's talking ****
In the end it doesn't matter
Cause in the end, they're all on your list

Written by: Alan Robert, Dan Richardson, Joey Zampella, Keith Caputo, Sal Abruscato
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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