Cæcilie Norby Wholly Earth Lyrics

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Oh the holy earth's a mural
Seen from way up high
Abstracted, natural, bas relief
Witnessed from the sky
Clouds that cast a single shadow
drifting, moving on the ground
creating an illusion as the world's go round
Places where the folks inhabit
have a geometric grace
Circled, squared, sometimes triangled,
ruled with lines and s***e
Water ways and craggy mountains
Seemingly reveal a plan
just as if somebody drew it
with a great big giant hand
Life's a repetition, it's an action of repeat
Act of doing, act of saying
something bitter, something sweet
Acts of Life that keeps occurring
ghosts appearing through the sound
waving at us from a distance
cause the whole wide world is round
and round and round and round
Yes the whole wide world is round
People live before us leave a memory behind:
Action done and action written
Acts impressed upon our mind
Forming, moving in a circle
ghosts appearing through the sound.......
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