Peter and the Test Tube Babies Wimpy's Are Shit Lyrics

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You've been thrown out of the pub and your walking down the street, you feel a bit hungry and you wanna bite to eat.
You go into the Wimpy but that's your BIG mistake, by the time you leave you've got a stomach ache.

Wimpy's are shit (Trapper: So are M********), Wimpy's are shit (Trapper: I hate Ronald), Wimpy's are shit.

You get served by a tart dressed in orange and black, when you see you're food you wanna send it back.
You look at the pictures of the Wimpy's on the wall, but what you get given is hardly edible.

Wimpy's are shit (Trapper: Meat means murder), Wimpy's are shit (Trapper: Don't' buy a burger), Wimpy's are shit.

Get served your food and it's always cold I bet the hamburgers are at least a month old.
You pay loads of money and it really tastes bad, but you don't wanna admit that you've been had.

Wimpy's are shit (Trapper: You'll get diarrhoea), Wimpy's are shit (Trapper:You'll be lucky if you live), Wimpy's'are shit, shit, shit, shit, shit
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