Mike Heron Winter in China Lyrics

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"The world moves on and leaves a tear".
"Warmth, dazzle are gone".
"It gives you conflict of emotions".
Dragged wailing into existence by the unnatural
and largely hopeless act of rendering Chinese
poetry into English, they ended up here!

Cold, cold as a crystal, the world moves on and leaves a tear
We both used to see the same thing when we closed our eyes in loving
I'd like to believe there's more wine in that glass
But a shiver in the night says
"Cut your losses
Cut your losses - oh run"

Warmth, dazzle are gone
Gone from the sun as the year moves on
Warmth, dazzle are gone
Gone from the sun as the year moves on
Oh! dazzle, it's got no place in my life anymore
Loud in the deep night
The cold,
The cold cracks like a whip - like a whip

Idle dreams of the far away, they got you in the lead still.
I taste doubt on my lips now,
Don't know if you're stayin', goin'
Fresh paint on the landscape
I really don't know what to think
bout our love
Cold misty rain in tangled threads falls on me

A dream can be all that's free sometimes,
I know the feelin' well.
A dream got a grip like winter,
Hold you back from all your dealings.
Set your eyes on a distance, pin a heart on your sleeve.
Give you conflict,
Give you a conflict of emotions
And you can't break away


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