Garden of Delight Wintercoffin Lyrics

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Watching the dead of the sun
The time moves
Melt away
Crystaline formations
Delight of the cold
Is burning inside
Spiritless i lay
On frozen highs
What a prefect view
The clearest wind
Take a deep breath
My angel
Now we are the same
Completely insane
Our glory
Lost in vain
What a perfect view
Enter my coffin
My wintercoffin
Awaiting to see
The faithful king
What a perfect view!

Apocryphal II: The Faithful Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Infernal Psalms
  • 2 Levitation
  • 3 Angelwhore
  • 4 Afterlife
  • 5 Wintercoffin
  • 6 Pentagrams Burning
  • 7 Angelwhore - Epilog
  • 8 Deeper We Fall
  • 9 The Watchers
  • Artists A to Z: