Ogre Woman on Fire Lyrics

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Sweet goody bishop
won't you take my hand?
and lead me through these blasted lands
you cast a spell on me and sent me into fits
why did it have to come to this?
am I alive or am I dead?
the demons running through my head
You are my heart's deepest desire
You make me burn---Woman on fire!

b**** goody bishop
you're forever d***ed
your body tempts the soul of man
Succubus your elder's hearts are cold
forever know the man below
we sentence you to death at dawn
demonic lady begone
you are an outcast, a pariah
you're going to burn---Woman on fire!
Now goody bishop
knows that it's too late
their fear has forced her to this fate
battle over now the bright lands are made dark
forever curse her Witch's mark
twisted religion of the state
they tie her naked to the stake
her curse rings out from the pyre
You'll burn in Hell for the Woman on fire!
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