Vandaveer Woolgathering Lyrics

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I've found my love, way way out, on the edge of town
Now join the race, I lace up my boots, i will wear them down
Y'can never be sure
Well, one thing's for sure
Y'can never be sure
If you're right or wrong
Oh i've, charmed my course
By fate or by force
I will steal my ship home
With Sirens to tempt us
(and stones you a-bend us??)*
Your tempest, they swallow us whole
Drifting under a dark dark night
And stars are clear, they are very bright
Can't tell your left from your right
Or right from wrong
Hmmm.... hmm hmm hmm.....
Oh I, will stand my ground
With hand me downs
Saber-tooth scars
Now circle the wagons, I round up the nights
(I will muster in a mighty less charge??)*
Y'can never be sure
In your actions and words
Be forgotten or heard After your fire's are all burned out

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