Mac Lethal Would John Madden Have Crashed His Bus Into the World Trade Center If He Plotted 9/11? Lyrics

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What's your blood type?
This is dedicated to girls, that are hustlers, waitresses, all 'em
Girls that deal mushrooms
Girls that feel like rappers only diss girls, cause they do
and they're stupid
This is for you..what's your blood type

Let me kick the door off the hinges, okay
Black Clover Records here to save the m____fuckin day
Look my name is Mac Lethal and I can't be used
These little crumbs got me dustin off my dancin shoes
I tell you what, Joe Good fans got hella guts
If they're thinkin he's the circus and I'm here to sell 'em nuts
I'm a Leo, I get jealous as f___
So if you run your little quasi-intelligent drunk mouth
I'm swellin it shut
Listen people, don't be friends with Lethal
I got a broken little heart that's fulla pins and needles
And all I wanna find is a girl with a stimulated mind
But I hate it if it's easy, it's a giveaway, a crime
Now save your little Eminem comparisons
I really do take drugs
I'm twitchin from the heroin
And tourin, dammit in your city we surge
I skate too, I can 50-50 a curb
So get a board from escapists and play this cut
For your Kansas City Aces, with smiles on their faces
The styles make 'em shapeshift
I'm through bein nice
I slap beats like Les Claypool slaps bases
High hat sync, it's Black Clover's black traces
I'm old school like m____fuckin slap bracelets
I'm old school like rap with only black rappers
But I'm home schooled, so never call me backpacker

[Hook 2X]
Now listen, everybody gotta pay attention right now,
One two, one two (one two)
I'm gonna do a little black magic on the crowd til you're all nuts for my crew (my crew)

I never do the MC Hammer dance
(Wait, wait, wait, that one's kinda old)
I never do the "Lean With It Rock With It" dance
I got a couple cigarette burn holes in my pants
But this tattooed chick is kissin like she wants a four letter
Teach your boyfriend to learn how to perform better
The warm weather's like a brush I can paint with
I write with the cryptic little romance language
Aw, look at me, I lost it
But everybody gained somethin when they saw
The way we took the city hostage

"Holla, holla, holla, holla. Ain't learned it for nothin.
What you think I ain't gon' say nothing?
What I'm supposed to come up in here, insaturated and not say nothin?
What I'm supposed to not do nothin? What I'm supposed to not say it?
I'ma say it! I'ma be it! I'ma be real wit it! That's the way we get down! To the death!"
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  • 2 Would John Madden Have Crashed His Bus Into the World Trade Center If He Plotted 9/11?
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