Oddisee Wouldn’t Be Surprised Lyrics

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Real money what this all about, all out
Going in on the job call out - never
Call my agent for the tour route
Van is rented, band is in it, love it when we all together
Getting better with the business, don't
Speak until I'm finished, quit pretending you got more clout, tell ya
I don't care who you are or who your man is
No regard for image, know its hard for you to sell em
I'm as real as real is getting, finding it hard to kick it
If I know our logic's different, honestly I'm just distant
I might drop in for a visit, say hello, and I'm dippin'
Conversations on auto, exceeding my social limit
We could talk about the weather, gossip 'bout a homie
But one thing's on my mind only
Yeah you know what that is, yeah you know what that is
Contains the letter O, ends in Y, and it ain't "phony"

If I made a million dollars in an evening then I spent on the weekend no nobody would believe me but I wouldn't be surprised
But if it took me long to get it, then I probably wouldn't spend it
See me polishing my pennies, fell in love

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