H8Machine Wrecking Ball Lyrics

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Just like a wrecking ball, we're smashing through
You can try and stand against, but your life is doomed
See the pain and anguish unleashed at last
Feel the pain and hatred as you hear me laugh

It's like a nightmare what can you do
Twist and turn in fear but it's come true
Try and run away and cower down in fear
But as you're coming back around I'll be standing here


Wrecking, destroy all of your enemies
Fight back, hit back, hit back takeout another victim
Break down, the walls of opposition
Break them-ALL

The best things come to those who hate
For an angry skinhead who just can't wait
Yeah, through my eyes everyone is a victim
They're feeling only pain from my fist as it hits 'em

Built to last and hard as steel
You're crippled in pain paralyzed with fear
You rolled the dice and got the loosing hand
The gambles up now you're gonna pay like a man


Tow the line and you're gonna get beat
No room for error no room for the weak
You ran your mouth just a little too much
And now you're lying on the ground and you look like a punk

Just like a wrecking ball we've smashed on through
We're leaving broken bodies when we're finally through
If you wanna step up and try it out our way
They'll be picking you up and carrying you away...


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