Above the Law X. Owit Me Lyrics

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[Intro: Cold 187Um]
This is an escalation, merging every corner of your mind
I'm with the twist of a rhyme, we outlast time
We got Km.G in the house
DJ K-Oss in the house
Jayo Felony in the house
I must spit

[Verse 1: Cold 187Um]
Welcome to the tilt that the trues built
We on gold whips, with them killer lifts
Look here, tre swinging rag-top
Boy you didn't know we was some legends like Sasquatch?
Dot your I's, cross your T's, when you see these G's
We stand tall like them California palm trees
And everything is fine, when I roll
Cause I flips never slips sipping X.O...

[Verse 2: Km.G]
I X.O. before I s__-o, a pimp clinic ritual
Chips for the stacking, hoes wanna know what's cracking
I'm in, tell them they ain't coming through with that love potion
Ask me what I'm quoting, wondering, what I'm smoking
The bomb, more scarier than that s___ hair on
Sweat out your b____ due fresh out the salon
I can't give it up, I love my leather and chrome
And my 20 inch rims, grin n____, I'm gone yeah.....

[Chorus: Cold 187Um and Km.G]
So now we got you hooked on X.O
So high the homegirls can't let go
See the homies still fading that X.O
Worldwide, Above The Law getting faded on another level
So now we got you hooked on X.O
So high the homeboys can't let go
See the homies still fading that X.O
What "X.O." What "X.O."

[Verse 3: Jayo Felony]
Like I was born to be homicidal, so I let my Glock spit
m_________ers don't wanna see this California s___
Who you can't go the mile so you ganked my penitentiary style
That I kicked since a juvenile
n____z who be foul get touched
Kicking this s___ with Km.G and Hutch
Then I roll through your hood and blast such and such
More than your whole click with what I'm holding
Patrolling the block I'm from
If one gun aiming up, then 40 Glock'll come
Rock your son then I pop you one
Ugh, you done, kill a b____ in the sun
I ain't the one m________er
Like walking across a tiger, in a pork chop bikini n____
You gon' get ate up, so you don't wan' see me
It'll be me and a chick so if I steps in a three piece
It's D-O-G see and he'll see deceased
I hold more alcohol than a liquor store
For sure, clown these hoes at a show
And for sure we X.O...


[Verse 4: Km.G]
Oh for sheezy n____, I stay Eazy like E
I got hoes making sounds like Master P "Ugh"
I got homies with the bomb and we still on the run
Yeah, hooker hit the grind and it's tossing time
See I asked me homey Jayo what's the price on the yayo
Yeah right, they next to Mexico, the homey from Diego
Get the plug on the drop, hop
Then my n____z hit the club
Bring five of them back to kick it in the hot-tub..

[Verse 5: Cold 187Um]
We got the hook up from here to Okinawe
New and improved like the C-4 Volvo "yeah, yeah"
And remember one thing when you in my zone
Is that I still break a b____ conversating on a chipped phone
Cause I'm amazing like the great Houdini "ooohh weee"
And I be fly like that hit of ya Remi
Who wanna be me
I wanna see me when I'm on the grind
Cause I be straight hitting corners, X.O.'ing in the sunshine...


[Hook: x6]
Km.G: See I can't lose, with the s___ that I use
187Um: So everybody, X.O. Wit Me

[Outro: Street Dialogue]
goddizamn, who's that knock you down the blizock right that homies
oh that's the homies K-Oss, Hutch, Km.G
what's up my n____z, what's up man
what's up homey, trip, trip, trip [Car Parked]
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