xAFBx XTrust and BelieveX Lyrics

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Just let me go down, my own road
Till the f****** end my x's go
Down with me
Deeper then my own grave
Further then you could ever see
Since you sold out, you proved
Your f****** weakness, just a train
Wreck to the end, sell out
From the beginning
f*** your regrets
This one life I live I won't throw
Away, all you ever wanted was a
Life of misery
Straight edge
Goes deeper then my grave
Straight edge
My Life, Your End Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Ca$h Man
  • 2 Jumping Ships
  • 3 Seeing Is Denying
  • 4 Fuck You Geraldo
  • 5 Cheap Date
  • 6 Reign of Terror
  • 7 Count Your Lies
  • 8 Mirrors
  • 9 XTrust and BelieveX
  • 10 Thank You
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