Paul Kelly and The Stormwater Boys with Kasey Chambers You're Learning Lyrics

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You are learning what it’s like to sit and cry
And wonder why your plans went wrong
You are learning how it feels when pain is real
To realise you’re all alone
Yes, you’re learning
We had the chance to be happy
Nothing stood in our way
If only you’d meant what you promised
We wouldn’t be crying today
You are learning that a lie can make you cry
For the truth your heart reveals
You are learning that a flirt can cause a hurt
Even though your love is real
Yes, you’re learning
Foggy Highway Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Stumbling Block
  • 2 Rally Round the Drum
  • 3 Ghost Town
  • 4 Song of the Old Rake
  • 5 Don't Stand So Close to the Window
  • 6 Passed Over
  • 7 They Thought I Was Asleep
  • 8 You're Learning
  • 9 Foggy Highway
  • 10 Down to My Soul
  • 11 Cities of Texas
  • 12 Meet Me in the Middle of the Air
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