Da Buzz You And I Lyrics

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Sometimes I think about the stories you told me.
We were closest friends the time of my life.
Autumn leaves falling down.
In my mind you'll always find.
A secret place for you to be.
But now you are gone.

You and I still together.
In a secret little world.
If I ever lose my faith in life.
Were closest friends forever.

The day you left the world behind you.
I had to.
Mourn for many days.
I miss you a lot.
Memories of you passes by when I look into the sky.
I want you back in my life.
But now you are gone.

You and I still together...

Oh I know.
Sometimes life ain't fear.
No life ain't fear.
Peaces of you will always remain.
In my heart.

You and I still together Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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