Sky You and I Lyrics

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Come to me
Let me hold you
So I can feel you breathe
And see you're real
I will do what you want me to
'Cause tonight is yours
And the world is only you and I
If I try
I know that I can build it for you
Paradise tonight

Baby, it's just you and I
And we've got the lights down low
Nobody else around
Something so strong inside
And it's all for you
'Cause nobody does like you do, girl

You're my everything
Mountain high, river deep
I would go anywhere
I would do anything
To keep you here with me
Even in my dreams
Nothing comes close to you
Talk is cheap; girl, let me show you
If I try
I know I can build it for you
Paradise tonight


Written by: Antoine Sicotte, James Renald
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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