Failed Humanity Your Blood My Blood Lyrics

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Like brother we stood against it all
You broke all those bonds with lies

How can you look yourself in the face?
It's my blood on your hands
I see your mouth forming some words
But all that s*** I no longer hear
I view you with such deep enmity
I'm tearing you down piece by piece
I will not rest until you are dead
And I make it so.
I'll treat you the way that you deserve
Give you nothing; you only gave me pain
Your worst fears will pale next to me
Hunting you down sparing no mercy

Your deceit has ended my life
What irony: you endure my fate
The panic rising now
Although repentance is too late.
I bear such weight
To know the desperate truth
Of misplaced trust...
And friendship...

There is nothing left but contempt...
And loathing...
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