Garrison You're Devastated, I'm Sure Lyrics

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Fell silent in a crowd so you wouldn't mind, left to study the patterns of speech and the shift of the outline in the corner you just couldn't find and now the truth hurts a little more each time. I try to speak , but stop short cause I'm watching you listen. I know no matter the words said, you'll read wrong. And if this gets stripped to the end, it could kill the beginning, so I've got nothing to say when you ask what I'm thinking. No time to be this tired. Fess up to another unerasable year of steps that I took to ignore a strained slow sinking within that's made me aware of how far this has gone. How far have you? Nothing like sitting beside yourself, nothing like passing up this view. There's nothing stopping you from leaving. There's nothing stopping you from being alone. Caught right in front of your first decision, as hot that leaves no regrets for the ending as if our lives should be this and nothing else. I stripped clean. What remains burns clear and true

The Bend Before the Break Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Serious Heavy Drama
  • 2 Harlow
  • 3 Aside From Bleeding
  • 4 You're Devastated, I'm Sure
  • 5 [untitled]
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